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knowing is easy, doing is hard:

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The 9 Steps For the ADHD Dad to Radically Improve Communication digital course package comes with: Lifetime access to the course, Unmasking ADHD Blueprint, access to ADHD dads private community, audio lesson Top 10 Hacks for the ADHD Dad to Thrive in the Workplace, access to Passion, Purpose, and Self-acceptance video collection, and exclusive ADHD Dad t-shirt, for only the cost of S&H.

Are you reading all of this and feeling unsure if I am talking to you? Well, I am.
But... if you need proof take my Authentic assessment to rate our degree of compatibility.
I want to help anyone who wants my help and will tailor coaching to each client. However, there are some who will be in the perfect sweet spot to get the most good from my services and that I am the MOST excited to serve.

Almost ready to take the next step?
Let's hop on a face-to-face call so I can answer all your questions about how we would collaborate to claim your authentic power!
Let's figure it out! Just grab a slot on my calendar  and in one 30-minute consultation I will tell you exactly how I can help you with the obstacles you are currently facing.
Embrace your ADHD and claim your power!

Helping ADHD dads engage with passion and purpose. Learn to get excited by life again!


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