aDHD Parents... Life will keep happening to you until you take control!!!!

If you do not take the steering wheel then you will never control where you are going!

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The road you are on will lead to complete burn out... or worse! Make the decision to take control of your life's direction before life makes the decision for you!

  • Answer the curiosity raging in your mind with no commitment, obligation, or cost to you!​
  • Learn how everything you know about life coaching is misinformed.
  • Acknowledge the possibility that you might not be in control of your life but you could be!​ 
  • Submit  to the authentic you that is whispering that maybe a little help wouldn't be the worst thing ever.!

Neurodivergent Parents! Take Back Control Of Your Life And Escape Your Emotional Prison!

Lead from a place of power with this life-altering workbook!

The "How To Life" workbook walks you step-by-step through creating your life's instruction manual, defining what matters to you... So you can start doing what matters!

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  • Invade your life like you're storming of the beaches of Normandy!
    Destroy the belief that you don't deserve to be loved!​ 
  • Crush that persistent empty feeling in your gut!


Proven Outcomes


"Man, I cannot tell you how positively doing your program has impacted my leadership style and delegation in the office.

Specifically about creating opportunities and positive outcomes for the newer people around me. Can’t thank you enough for the shift in perspective 🙏🏼🙏🏼 "

Adam King, Fox local affiliate anchor


"Yes yes yes!!! Thank you again, Bruce. It truly was an honor working with you!

You inspired me to be less shy about reaching out to more podcast folks.

Imposter syndrome to the max up in my dome🥲🤣

Kalyn Armstrong, Podcast host


"It truly blows my mind!

I seriously thought no one would ever actually listen to me.

... Boredom sets in a lot quicker! If people aren't trying to match my energy, I'm out fast!"

Peter Evans, Digital Marketing Specialist

Helping ADHD adults engage with passion and purpose. Learn to get excited by life again!


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