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Are you actually too busy?

As an ADHD dad, I know it is easy to keep piling on to your schedule as long as it is for everyone else. For the kids? Absolutely! For your spouse? Of Course! Even work gets a piece, right? You could be serving them all better if you invested in yourself first!

In your Own Time & At Your Own Pace

Learn how to communicate what you need to say to the world in a way that they will hear and respond to!

How many times have you felt like your cries for support are being ignored? Although it may feel like no one around you cares to hear what you need to get out of survival mode, that is not likely to be true.

If it is true... Well the resources needed to complete this course are far from your biggest problem! You need this course more than anyone else! You need to learn to use the power of your voice with authority, direction, and intention.

Every ADHD dad who wants to live a life filled with passion and purpose needs to be able to define what is important to them and speak power into their vision!

Why? Because the world around you cannot read your mind, hear your meek whispers, or process your futile shouting.

There is a better way to communicate!


For a limited time only, receive all of the following for just $39.97

    Limited Time Price 9 steps for the ADHD Dad to Radically Improve Communication Digital Course
  • Free digital download "Unmasking ADHD Blueprint"

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  • ​ Free audio lesson "Top 10 Hacks for the ADHD Dad to Thrive in the Workplace" 
  • ​ Free access to the "Passion, Purpose, and Self-acceptance" video collection
  • Free exclusive ADHD Dad t-shirt, you just pay shipping and handling 

No one is coming to change your life for you!


“I am speaking from experience! I know this program will help you because I have been there before and I know the way out!”

-Coach Bruce


What Our Clients Say

"It truly blows my mind!"

"I seriously thought no one would ever actually listen to me.

... Boredom sets in a lot quicker! If people aren't trying to match my energy, I'm out fast!

Peter Evans Marketing Specialist

"Yes, yes, yes!!! 

"Thank you again, Bruce. It truly was an honor working with you!
You inspired me to be less shy about reaching out to more podcast folks.
Imposter syndrome to the max up in my dome

Kalyn Armstrong Podcast Host

“Can’t thank you enough...”

""Man, I cannot tell you how positively doing your program has impacted my leadership style and delegation in the office.

Specifically about creating opportunities and positive outcomes for the newer people around me."

Adam King News Anchor


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Helping ADHD dads engage with passion and purpose. Learn to get excited by life again!


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